World Bank Opposes Jagan Government's Reverse TenderingWorld Bank had written a letter to the Central Government complaining about Andhra Pradesh Government’s Reverse Tendering. The bank had informed the center that Reverse Tendering is against the loan agreement rules.

The Union Finance Ministry had asked the State Government to ensure compliance and respect the signed agreements. Now, the State Government had released a G.O. exempting the ‘power for all’ works under the World Bank Project from the purview of Reverse Tendering, Prior Legal Examination, etc.

The State has agreed to complete the project on time as agreed earlier. While the State Government had yielded to the pressure of the World Bank in issue, various other projects are going for a legal battle in revising the project agreements in the name of Reverse Tendering.

It looks the much-publicized Reverse Tendering is not as fair as it appears.