Amaravati, Amaravati Women Employees, Amaravati Women Safety, Amaravati Women Population, Amaravati Women Protection, Amaravati Women CultureThe administration shift from Hyderabad to Amaravati is having its share of goodies and baddies for women employees of the government. The difficult part is leaving their families behind in Hyderabad and having to move to Amaravati. The Good part is that most employees are resorting to Paying Guest Accommodations.

PG Accommodation comes with dual benefits. It is a way to prevent the huge rentals in the area and will also ensure that the women employees do not have to do their household chores. Government is running hostels for working women with free food, accomodation and transportation for the first six months.

The entire administration shift will happen between June 27th to August end. The entire Secretariat staff will be shifted by July, as stated by the Chief Minister. The interim secretariat in Velagapudi is being readied at brisk pace to accomodate them. Several buildings in Krishna and Guntur districts are taken for lease for remaining government offices.