Woman Herself, Roja Makes Anti-Women CommentsRoja who has become a minister recently seems to be trying hard to impress Jagan not with her work but with her loud mouth. These days, she goes unstoppable in abusing Chandrababu and Lokesh.

Roja was trying to defend the government in the recent gang rape of a mentally challenged girl in Vijayawada.

She criticized Chandrababu and Lokesh but in the process insulted women for whom she is a representative.

Chandrababu who can’t make his son win as an MLA and Lokesh who can’t win as an MLA should wear sarees. TDP leaders should decide if they want a saree or Chudidhar,” Roja said.

Roja, as a woman herself, should showcase women as powerful. She is implying that women are weak and unsuccessful.

She says wearing sarees or churidar is a sign of weakness and failure.

Being a woman and wearing a saree herself (in the press meet), Roja made this comment.

If these comments are from some male chauvinist leader, that is understandable to some extent. If a woman like Roja says so, it only paints a sorrowful picture.

If a woman minister herself is not conscious of what she is talking about, wonder how a change can be brought in the society in this aspect.

Having said that, she concludes by saying “TDP is an anti-woman party”.

Probably irony just died a hundred deaths right then.