Woman gives birth to 10 'dead' babies!A 28 years old woman in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh had slashed all the existing medical records in India after she gave birth to 10 babies at a time but sadly none of the babies survived. This is a record in India for a woman carrying highest number of fetuses in one womb. The world record is in Rome where a woman carried 15 fetuses in 1971. The woman is Anju Kushwaha, a resident of Koti village in Satna.

She delivered nine babies on her way to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial (SGM) hospital in Rewa district while the tenth baby was removed after an operation. All the babies were dead at almost 12 weeks of age. The woman neglected visiting doctor for checkups during the pregnancy as a result miscarriage risk increased. Had they terminated some fetuses, the woman would have given birth to at least one healthy baby the doctors said. The doctor who attended up on her is reportedly planning to release a research paper on this case.