Talari-Venkat-RaoThe YCP MLAs and high-level leaders have been really reluctant to go on the Gadapa Gadapaku program. They are fearing public backlash when they step out to interact with the common public.

But upon Jagan’s assistance, they are having to go on the occasional tours in their constituencies. This is in turn leading to incidents were the public fire on YCP MLAs, citing their poor administration.

Now YCP MLA from Gopalapuram constituency, Talari Venkat Rao had to face a troublesome situation when he went on the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

A lady from Chadarasikunta took the MLA to the cleaners when he visited her house. “The breadwinner of our house, Venkateswara Rao has been suffering from paralysis since the Covid onset. Despite our repeated requests, the government hasn’t accorded him with the pension scheme. You don’t do what is needed for us, but you are ready to pose to the photos” the woman said to the MLA.

The YCP MLA then silently walked away from the spot without uttering word. This has become a common occurrence in AP now as many MLAs are facing public backlash while they step out.