YSRCP_Burra_Madhusudan_YadavYS Jagan’s brainchild, Gadapa Gadapaku appears to be doing more bad than good to the YSRCP and its representatives as it’s clearly demonstrating the kind of backlash the common public has on the YCP-led government.

Now, it’s the turn of YCP Kanigiri MLA, Burra Madhusudhan to fall prey to the public backlash while he was out on the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

A commoner lady breathed fire on the MLA while he came to the area as a part of Gadapa Gadapaku.

“We have been facing the exact same problems for the last four years since you came to power. We are still struggling with utterly poor roads and suffering from acute water shortage in the area. We don’t know how you gathered the courage to come to meet us after sitting idle for last 4 years” the woman questioned the MLA.

The MLA took a fair bit of backlash from the woman before he silently walked away from there. He had no answers to the questions raised by the commoner.

Now, YCP MLAs are scratching their heads so as to how to deal with the public backlash that they’ve been facing almost everywhere.