Woman Commits SuicideOf late, there is no dearth of scams. Given that people want quick money, many crooks are targeting gullible people with new scams, and Himabindu from Vijayawada was one such woman.

Film rating scam is the latest bait to rob money from money-crazy people, and there are many advertisements online with regard to film rating. Himabindu was taken in by one such scam, which led to her death finally.

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However, this was not the first time that Himabindu had invested money in this shady scheme. She initially deposited Rs 7 lakh. Her husband came to know of it, and the couple had quarrels regarding the matter.

But Himabindu’s greed did not stop there. She put in another Rs 7 lakh without the knowledge of her husband. The scamsters took the money and never got back.

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Himabindu finally realized she was duped and left home. Her husband lodged a complaint with the police, who started the hunt.

They finally got footage of her on the Krishna barrage. Finally, her story ended in tragedy due to greed.

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