Witness In Viveka's Case Dies Under Suspicious CircumstancesFormer Minister and CM Jagan’s uncle, YS Vivekananda Reddy‘s murder case has taken an interesting turn.

Kalluri Gangadhar Reddy (49), a witness in the case has died under suspicious circumstances. He died at his home in Yadiki in the Anantapur district on Wednesday night.

The family members who found Gangadhar Reddy dead while he was asleep informed the police.

Police immediately rushed to the spot and launched an investigation.

The case was registered as a suspicious death as per the complaint of the family members.

The clues team arrived at the scene and examined. The body was later shifted to Tadipatri Government Hospital.

Kalluru Gangadhar Reddy alias Kuwait Gangadharreddy is from Pulivendula. Ten years ago, he moved to Yadiki.

He was a key follower of Shiv Shankar Reddy, the main accused in the Viveka murder case, and committed several crimes.

He testified before the CBI on October 2 last year in the murder case. In his statement to the CBI, Gangadhar Reddy said that Shiv Shankar Reddy had said that he would pay Rs 10 crore if he takes the blame for the case.

But Gangadhar refused to testify the same before the magistrate. He then lodged a complaint with the Anantapur SP against the CBI officials.