With Rishi Sunak, NT Ramarao Proven Right After 35 YearsIndian Origin Rishi Sunak has become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This has become a big talking point across the country. It has also ignited a discussion among the journalists of the 1980s.

Some thirty five years ago, NT Ramarao visited the United States and addressed a Telugu convention there. Addressing the attendants, Ramarao said he hopes some day a Telugu person will become the President of the United States.

Back then a section of Congress supporting media launched a huge tirade against NT Ramarao ridiculing him. They said NTR was a political illiterate and do not know the ABCs of Global Politics.

NTR is proven right after thirty five years. An Indian Origin man has get to rule the United Kingdom which has ruled India for several decades.

If a colonial mindset country like the United Kingdom has become liberal, US will also get an Indian Origin President or a Telugu Origin President sooner or later.