Wine Shops Back To Private In Andhra?Jagan government canceled all private wine shops in Andhra Pradesh and ensured Government took over all of them in the name of liquor consumption control.

Now Prohibition is gone and the government is keen on minting money in the name of the liquor business.

‘Madhyapaana Nishedham’ in Jagan’s Nava Ratnalu is replaced by ‘Madhayapana Niyantrana’.

Now the government is keen on giving back the liquor business to private parties.

Last year, the government sold 25,000 Crore worth of liquor and earned an income of 20,000 Crore and is very dissatisfied with the revenues.

Government-owned shops sell 1,900 Crore worth of liquor every month and the government expects the sales to go up to 3,000 Crore in case of private.

That will naturally increase the government revenues as well.

Also, the government will get another 1,000 Crore from application fees, license fees, registration charges, etc.

A decision will be made very soon and will be officially announced.