With YSR Congress in severe doldrums, the party is trying all means to lift the spirits of leaders and the cadre. With Chandra Babu Naidu at the helm, there is all possibilities of CBI and ED hounding Jagan. If at all, Jagan has to go back to jail, it will be detrimental to lead the party with out a proper leadership. Jagan’s mother Vijayamma is too old to lead while his wife Bharathi is required to manage the businesses. Even though Jagan would not like, Sharmila is the only choice left for him.

There is a serious discussion within the party to field her in Allagadda Bielection. At the same time it will bring backlash from the people and opposition for ignoring Shoba Nagi Reddy’s family for their self interests. It is said that all the parties except Lok Satta may not field candidates if at all Shoba Nagi Reddy’s family is in fray. We will have to see how this issue unfolds!