Will-YSR-Congress-Leaders-Donate-Their-Lands-for-Rajanna-RajyamEver since the announcement of the Three Capitals formula, that has become a point of discussion everywhere and there is a mixed reaction from the public. Farmers who have given their lands for Amaravati came on roads and are protesting the Government’s decision of trifurcating the Capital.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is yet to make a single comment to inspire confidence in the farmers. Further, the ministers are speaking very low of the farmers calling them Paid Artists and Real-Estate Agents. YSR Congress has unleashed propaganda that the farmers are only worried about losing their land value and are no way concerned about farming. So, they can be easily called Real-Estate Agents.

According to the data with CRDA, 69% of the farmers who gave their lands to the capital own less than One Acre and 90% of the farmers own less than 2.5 acres. They parted their lands with the hope of a better tomorrow and that is no crime. After all, no one parts with their lands for charity, says a Political Expert.

YSR Congress MLAs and Ministers who are calling the farmers as Realtors will not donate their lands in Kurnool or Vishakapatnam for the sake of charity or for the sake of Rajanna Rajyam. Only if they do, they will be eligible to blame the farmers, the Political Expert Added.