Will Yatra Help YSR Congress?YSR Congress is running for its second election already as the Prime Contender. But then the inexperience of Jagan Mohan Reddy comes as a huge setback for the party. He is still banking on the Popularity of his father, YS Rajasekhara Reddy and is promising the people to do good things like the Late Chief Minister.

So, the Sympathy on YSR is the Biggest Selling point for YSR Congress even today. It has failed in 2014 and it has to be seen what happens now. YSR passed away about a decade ago. The Big Question is if the Sympathy still exists. There is certainly some goodwill but will that be enough to influence an election is a question.

Yatra – YSR Biopic is releasing on 8th of this month. The film is basically about the Padayatra which brought YSR into Power so we can assume that it will only speak the positive things about YSR – The Leader. YSR Congress is behind this film many believe and it was timed right before the election.

Now, the big question is if we can estimate the level of Sympathy on YSR with the Reception this film gets. Can one conclude The Sympathy still exists if the movie becomes a Big Hit? As of now, the movie is carrying a very low buzz in the audience. It has to be seen how things pan out for the film in the long run.