Will TRS really merge with Congress?
This is the million dollar question currently being asked in Political circles. TRS which was floated 10 years ago with the sole ambition of achieving separate state has now fulfilled its dream. On numerous occasions, KCR promised to merge with Congress if Telangana is a reality. Now that it happened, the merger question is up. Trusted sources say KCR is in favour of merger but Harish Rao and KTR are opposing it.

On Tuesday, Digvijay Singh announced that Merger is on cards and discussions are going on. But KCR condemned the news and clarified that no discussions happened regarding Merger. This should give an idea about how both the parties are going forward. Congress can not trust KCR as the later has dubious record of shifting loyalties very immediately. So they are pressing up on a merger. While leaders in TRS wants to enjoy the fruits of Telangana success after a decade long struggle. KCR is coming to Hyderabad for the first time after T-Bill is passed in Parliament. A grand welcome is on cards with four lakh people from Airport to TRS office.