Going by the vibes in the political circles, like never before Andhra Pradesh is going to see the birth of two new political parties just days after the release of election notification. Kiran Kumar Reddy and actor Pawan Kalyan are going to launch their own political outfits just before the elections. Are these people going to do good to the state now?

There are already multiple options before Andhra Pradesh people right now. TRS and Congress will fight for Telangana while Telugu Desam Party and YSR Congress will take head on in Seema Andhra region. These new parties will almost have no effect in the Telangana region but they may well become game changers in the Seema Andhra region. The minor percentage of votes they get can also be crucial in closely contested elections and can swing the results.

Seema Andhra faces the historic need for having a stable and visionary government to heal the injuries caused by state bifurcation. Seema Andhra will be in a position of not being able to pay salaries to government employees with out Central government’s aide. These new parties can cause unstable coalition governments or corrupt people to come in to power eating in to anti-government vote. On the other side, the nobilistic ideals of Pawan Kalyan will also have the danger of failing due to the lack of time. So, in short there is a danger of him not being able to do good or not allowing good to happen.