Will Social Media Suffice The Loss of Media for Janasena?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is completing his Srikakulam leg of Janasena Porata Yatra and he will enter into Vizianagaram district from tomorrow. But then, Janasainiks are not at all happy with the coverage by the media to this Yatra.

They are particularly offended with the coverage media has given for TDP’s Three Days Mahanadu. “Mahanadu is all about the Self Boasting of TDP and blaming BJP for its failures. This wide coverage is not at all understandable,” a party functionary said.

“We are touching the People on the ground and raising local problems ignored for decades but are not getting any coverage,” he added. But then it is kind of self-inflicted problem for Janasena after Pawan Kalyan called for a Ban on a section of the media.

The Channels and Janasena have reached out to a compromise but the coverage they give to Janasena is not up to the level of what they gave Pawan Kalyan previously. Naturally, Janasainiks are offended and are hoping that their publicity on social media will do the trick for Janasena in 2019.