Will Remove Volunteers If They Do Not Listen To YCP LeadersYSR Congress ministers are openly flaunting their power misuse without any inhibitions.

The comments of Ambati Rambabu at the Nellore district-level Plenary are an example of that.

“Volunteers are appointed by MLAs on the instructions of Jagan on the recommendations of local leaders. Remember they are recommended by you. We will remove them if they do any mistakes or they do not listen to you and will get new ones in their place,” Ambati Rambabu said.

“In a way, Volunteers are YSR Congress activists. They are soldiers who take the government to 50 or 100 houses. Village-level leaders should keep them in grip,” the minister added.

This is a tragedy that the minister is not afraid of talking about the misuse of volunteers who are paid honorariums from the state exchequer.

The same volunteers will be actively working in the elections for YSR Congress. There are all chances that they can influence the voters in favor of the ruling party.

The Opposition parties should take the matter to the Election commission and do something about it.