Will remove all Andhra statues from tank bund - KTR

The demolition of Andhra people statues during Million March is one of the black days in Andhra Pradesh history. That incident will even make hardcore Telangana agitators feel ashamed. But now Telangana Rashtra Samiti wants to uproot all the statues of Andhra people from tank bund. Speaking at a private program in Karimnagar, KCR son and Siricilla MLA, K Taraka Rama Rao made it clear that all the statues of Andhra people will be removed and the statues of Telangana legends installed in those places.

Chakali Ilemma, Dhoddi Komarayya, Bandagi, Srikanthachari, Sarvaayi Papanna’s statues will be installed on Tank bund according to KTR. He also alleged that Seema Andhra leaders maliciously kept Telangana history under wraps. He made it clear that TRS is committed to promote Telangana history. He made it clear that the life stories of Telangana martyrs will be incorporated in to the text books of school children in the region.