Will Pawan Kalyan's Fans Stop Humiliating Him?Pawan Kalyan is being tormented by his own fans and followers. In a bid to show their fanism, Pawan Kalyan’s followers are, in a way, humiliating him.

Earlier today, Pawan Kalyan attended a strike against the privatization of the Vizag Steel Plant. As one would expect, Pawan Kalyan‘s fans turned up in big numbers to the protest event.

But without understanding the gravity of the situation, Pawan Kalyan’s fans kept shouting “Powerstar” slogans while he was delivering his speech. While Pawan was delivering a serious speech on a burning topic, his fans didn’t give two hoots about any of this and they continued with their filmy slogans.

Pawan then had to breathe fire on his fans. “Grow your minds. Stop calling me Powerstar,” Pawan Kalyan said to his fans.

While Pawan is trying to project himself as a serious politician, his fans are raising filmy slogans at his events and calling him “Powerstar”. Pawan opines that tags like these will project him only as a film star and not as a politician.

But Pawan’s fans have made it a habit to humiliate him by not listening to any of his requests. Pawan will be desperately hoping his fans understand his problem and act accordingly.