Will Pawan Kalyan Show The Necessary Commitment?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan will be arriving in Amaravati tomorrow and will be holding a meeting with West Godavari and Krishna district Jana Sena leaders at Party office in Mangalagiri. The meeting is expected to unearth the reasons for the failure of the party in the recent elections.

This is the first review meeting of the party post the elections. Janasena conducted a similar review meeting after the polling and Pawan Kalyan did not even have the patience to review the party position in all the districts back then. The party supporters will be hoping that things will be different this time.

Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is keen on having all the Local Body Elections completed in next six to eight months even before the Opposition recovers from the election shock. This will be a massive challenge to Janasena which has absolutely zero root-level mechanisms.

The party has to immediately recover and try to form committees from the village-level. There is no space for rest and it should begin immediately. If not, Janasena should brace up for another horrible round of results. It is all about Pawan Kalyan’s commitment from here.