Will Pawan Kalyan Risk Contesting in Telangana?Telangana Assembly is now dissolved and the elections are around the corner. All the parties have aired their stand regarding this and started preparation for the elections in their own way. Only Janasena (YSR Congress?) is yet to register some movement.

Except for a few days of the tour, Pawan Kalyan never really tried to make himself relevant in Telangana Political Space. Moreover, appreciating KCR on a few occasion nullified any chances of getting the anti-Government vote. Now the Big Question is if Janasena will contest the Elections?

In the last month, Pawan Kalyan asked the cadre to get ready for the elections if the assembly is dissolved. There is no comment from him since yesterday. Political Experts, however, say it is better for Pawan Kalyan to let go these elections in Telangana.

They say there is no vacuum in Telangana between TRS and the Opposition for Janasena to perform. Further, the party is totally unprepared there. Contesting the elections at this juncture and losing badly will also have an effect on its prospects in Andhra Pradesh as well. It has to be seen what Pawan Kalyan decides!