Sunil V Deodhar - Pawan-KalyanAhead of the Bihar Elections, BJP National President JP Nadda announces a new team of party office bearers. The appointment naturally triggered excitement as well as debate in the BJP’s Rank and File. While there is another leader who is equally excited and he is none other than Janasena President.

Pawan Kalyan wished BJP MP Tejaswi Surya from his Twitter Account Personally and later released a Press Note on his Party’s Letterhead wishing the new office bearers especially those selected from Andhra Pradesh. However, this enthusiasm has stirred criticism from everyone including those from Janasena.

“It looks like Pawan Kalyan is very excited about the alliance and wants to be in the good books of everyone right from Narendra Modi to a little-known leader in the BJP. It is fine if wish someone on becoming a Cabinet minister or something. But why bother about wishing someone who is appointed in their party position? That too on the Official Letterhead” many question him on social media.

“Alliances are never permanent. Who better knows that than Pawan Kalyan who changed goal posts thrice already after floating Janasena? It is better he contains the excitement to a certain level. If he sending signals of owning BJP so much, there will be doubts if he is in BJP or if he is contemplating to merge his party into BJP,” a few warn.

Pawan Kalyan should be the dictating partner of the alliance given his popularity. It is best that way and he should ensure his ‘Level’ in the alliance.