will-pawan-kalyan-jana-sena-blow-life-to-dying-communismCommunism in India is on a ventilator for the last decade or so as People are staying away from their age-old principles. It is evident after every election as the vote bank of communists is slowly eroding. They only have the presence in 2-3 states across the country and that too may not last long.

But then Communism in both the Telugu States has got a new poster boy in the form of Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan. In each and every press meet or meeting after 2014 elections, Pawan Kalyan sounded like a modern form of new communism. His mention about issues like Patriotism, Rohit Vemula and Cow Slaughter in his year-end review.

These are the strong issues of communists over the Central government. Mentioning these issues after they are dead indicates Pawan Kalyan’s interests. We have seen him meeting Communist leaders as well frequently. Buzz is that Pawan Kalyan instructed his cadre to work closely with Communist cadre on people related issues.

In all probability, Jana Sena will ally with communists in the upcoming elections. Will that give life to the dying communism in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana? Or will Jana Sena pay the price for following the old age principles of Communism, Only time will tell us!