Will Pawan Kalyan Go Against BJP in Telangana?Janasena Party contested in a handful of seats in Telangana in 2019 General elections. They could not manage deposit in a single seat. Later Janasena was supposed to contest the GHMC Elections but pulled off from the contest in the last minute at the behest of BJP.

BJP is not ready to share seats with Janasena in Telangana and at the same time will not allow Janasena to contest independently. Pawan Kalyan is also yielding to the power. Now, in an interview, Pawan Kalyan expressed his interest to activate the party in Telangana.

Janasena will be very soon active in Telangana politics. We will fight for the people. I am very much attached to Telangana people and eminent personalities there,” Pawan Kalyan said. BJP has become very ambitious in Telangana and smell a chance of coming to power in next election.

They believe the seats left to Janasena will go waste as the party do not have it on ground to win seats. Let us see if Pawan Kalyan can go against BJP and start working in Telangana.