Chandrababu- Naidu - Pawan -Kalyan-Sand Workers protestIt is known to our readers that TDP is the only major party to participate in Pawan Kalyan’s Long March in Vishakapatnam earlier this month. Even Communist parties that have contested together with Janasena in the recent elections have also stayed away from the March.

Now, it is time for Pawan Kalyan to reciprocate. A delegation of TDP will meet the Janasena President today in Vijayawada and seek his support for Chandrababu Naidu’s Isuka Deeksha happening tomorrow. They will invite Pawan Kalyan to participate in the Deeksha alongside Chandrababu.

If at all Pawan Kalyan attends the Deeksha, it will be the first step towards sorting the differences between both the parties. In case Pawan Kalyan does not want to project himself as the B-team of TDP as being alleged by the ruling party, Pawan Kalyan may not go there and will send his party leaders.

Janasena placed itself against Jagan’s Government and it has to be seen if both the parties will join hands to fight a common enemy. The speculations already began that TDP and Janasena will forge an alliance for the upcoming local elections in Andhra Pradesh.