YS Jagan Liquor Ban YSR Congress Public Meeting VisakhapatnamYSR Congress is gearing up for a Public Meeting in Vishakapatnam on 6th of this month. Jagan has pressed Rajya Sabha MP, Vijaya Sai Reddy to oversee the preparation and Public Congregation works for this meeting which will happen days before Pawan Kalyan’s meeting in Anantapur and need less to say, there is a good chance for comparisions.

Vijaya Sai Reddy is arranging cadre meetings to gear up for this meeting and the other day, in the process attended a meeting of Vishakapatnam YSR Congress Mahila Cadre. In the meeting, Reddy revealed that YSR Congress is planning to lend its support to Sampoorna Madhya Nishedham, the blanket ban of Liquor.

He said Liquor Ban is the only solution to increase the standard of living in poor families. He also rubbished the notion that development will come to a halt due to Liquor Ban citing the example of Gujarat. Sampoorna Madhya Nishedham, a scheme rolled out by Legendary NTR propelled him into power back then. Will that help Jagan as well?