Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister designate Chandra Babu Naidu declined the idea of converting Nagarjuna University as his camp house. “The University is a Temple of building students’ future. I do not want to disturb it”, said Chandra Babu to the officials. So, the suspense about Chief Minister’s Camp office location is once again on now. The Sixth Battalion Training Centre of AP Special Police in Mangalagiri now may host Chandra Babu’s Camp house.

There are reports that he may even consider some place in Vijayawada. If all the above options are not feasible, Chandra Babu will camp in Nagarjuna University temporarily and shift to some other place later. It is already known that Chandra Babu had decided to work three days from Seema Andhra and three days from Hyderabad once he swears in as Chief Minister.