Will Modi Do That To Satisfy Jagan's Ego?YSR Congress has lodged a second complaint with Lok Sabha Speaker on Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju. The party asked the speaker to suspend the MP for anti-party activities. TDP has moved similar complaints on their defected MP Mallareddy between 2014-19.

The Speaker did not take action on Mallareddy despite the latter joining TRS. Modi Government did not act on the complaint even though TDP was an alliance partner back then. It has to be seen if a decision will be taken in favor of Jagan. Moreover, Raghu Rama still claims himself to be a member of the YSR Congress and is only criticizing the anti-people policies.

So technically, there are no grounds to disqualify Raghu Rama Krishna Raju. But in the end, it will be mostly a political decision of Modi and Amit Shah. Moreover, there are good chances that the Rebel MP may join BJP. So, there is no possibility of Modi going out of the way to help Jagan in this issue.

Meanwhile, getting Raju disqualified is more of an ego issue for Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy as the former went to an extent of getting his bail canceled.