YS Jagan - Chandrababu-Naidu2019 elections in Andhra Pradesh have happened on the issue of #BJPCheatedAP. Even though it appeared that the issue did not help TDP in the election, it has severely dented BJP chances in the state.
After the elections, Janasena which was earlier critical of BJP became its partner.

Both TDP and YSR Congress are also not talking about BJP much due to various reasons. But is this silence going to be permanent? We will get to know about it very soon. The State election commission had sounded the poll bugle for Greater Vishaka Municipal Elections in March.

The privatization of the Vishaka Steel Plant will be a crucial issue in this election. It has to be seen if the parties will try to corner BJP on the issue. YSR Congress is completely toeing in line with the center on this issue. TDP is steering the movement on the ground level but its leadership is not yet taking about the center’s role.

Parties can not ignore the issue as Vishakapatnam is a major city of AP and also the probable Executive Capital of Andhra Pradesh. If they do not rake the issue, BJP will feel let off the hook and will work its way to impress the people for the coming Assembly elections. But then, that would mean absolutely no pressure on BJP about the Vishaka Steel Plant issue and may go about the privatization.