Will KKR's Party of any use?

Finally the much talked about CM’s resignation is over. 25 People’s representatives from Congress Party including MLAs, Ministers and MLCs accompanied CM to Raj Bhavan. In his last address to media, Kiran Kumar Reddy made no mention of the new party. It is said that he is calling all the MLAs to a private meeting this evening and will take announce a decision on new party then. But floating a new party if as in news work?

The new party is expected to be on the lines of Samaikyandhra. With the state bifurcation almost complete, Samaikyandhra slogan will hold no sense now. KKR has no personal image to pull off a party. He might have gained some image if he managed to stop bifurcation. But at this juncture, he is like remaining people’s representatives tried but failed to stop it. So, no additional gain for KKR!

Political opponents: KKR’s Party is the B-Team of Congress. While it is time to fight for the rights of Seema Andhra, CM wasted time of people by diverting towards Samaikyandhra which he knows is not possible. Since no body asked for anything for SA regions, things became easy for Congress High command. Also, his new party will be a refugee camp for Congress MLAs to save their face. Once elections complete, the party may be merged with Congress. Even a single MP seat from Seemandhra today through this way will be a bonus to Congress!