KCR-Narendra-ModiTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao successfully eliminated TDP (TS) and YSR Congress from the state’s political sphere. Going by the indications, TRS is all set to engulf the main opposition party, Congress as well very soon. That would leave only BJP and Left Parties in the opposition benches.

BJP is not so significant force in Telangana but will be definitely looking to occupy the vacant opposition space some how. If has to be seen if KCR will take chance with BJP or finish it off too. However finishing BJP in the state will not be easy as it will foil the relations with the center.

Modi is Powerful than KCR as the newest state of the country will have to deal with the center for various things and also in settling several disputes with Andhra Pradesh that arose due to state bifurcation. Considering all this, KCR may have to go easy with BJP in the state or mess with Modi!