BJP demans JanaSena 2024 electionsJanasena and TDP parted ways before the 2019 elections and since then, Janasena supporters are considering TDP as their sworn enemies. Things did not change even after the 2019 elections. They stopped fighting the party in power and are trying to take on TDP always on social media.

But that, for a change they have shifted their focus on YSR Congress now. This is after Bhimavaram YSRCP MLA, Grandhi Srinivas making personal remarks on Pawan Kalyan. Surprisingly, Pawan Kalyan immediately reacted to that and released a video comparing the MLA with mad dogs.

Janasena supporters have been trending the hashtag #పిచ్చికుక్కగ్రంధిశ్రీనివాస్ as a retort. This has led to a war between the supporters of both parties. Grandhi Srinivas once again retaliated saying that people have sent Pawan Kalyan twice into municipal dogs van by defeating him in two places.

This means the tussle will continue for some more time. It has to be seen if Janasainiks will realize their real enemy at least now and fight in the right direction.