byreddy_siddharth_reddy_jaganPanyam constituency of Nandhyal district (Erstwhile Kurnool district) is a hotbed of faction politics for over the years. Things are changing for good in recent times. Panyam is a stronghold of Congress previously and YSR Congress now.

TDP managed to win only twice (1983 and 1989) in the constituency since its inception.

Katasani Ramabhupal Reddy won six times here and the sitting MLA now. Katasani himself is involved in the faction since he is 18.

Gouru Charita Reddy who was YSRCP MLA in 2014 later contested and lost on a TDP ticket in 2019.

TDP alleges severe corruption by the MLA. People of Panyam pinned all hopes on the industries after being announced as an industries cluster. But no new investment has come after 2019. The projects that came in the TDP government also slowed down after the change in the Government.

Gouru Charita or her husband Venkat Reddy will contest on the TDP ticket. Gouru family is no less than Katasani in muscle and money.

Byreddy Siddharth Reddy is also eyeing Panyam’s ticket from YSR Congress. Byreddy hails from the Nandikotkur constituency which is SC reserved.

He has been given a nominated post but the young leader is unhappy. Siddharth Reddy wants to shift to Panyam in 2024.

MLA Katasani calls Siddharth Reddy a Bacha and is confident of getting the ticket once again in 2024 as well.

It will be Katasani Vs Gouru family once again in 2024. We will have to see if Jagan will tilt towards Byreddy for a change and that will be an interesting move.