YS Jagan - Chandrababu-NaiduFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was in Vishakapatnam, the other day, and offered to work under CM Jagan Mohan Reddy if he leads the fight against the Privatization of Vishaka Steel Plant. Naidu who takes pride as the most experienced politician in the country has offered to shed his ego for the greater good of the state.

This is also a political strategy to expose how Jagan could not fight against the Center. But then if Jagan comes forward, his stature will only increase. At the same time, if he does not accept that will increase Chandrababu’s stature and also help TDP’s cause of exposing Jagan.

So, it is for Jagan to decide from here. It will all depend on how Jagan takes Chandrababu’s offer. If he sees it as a trap to pit him against BJP, Jagan will back out. If he sees this as an opportunity to make Chandrababu follow it, there can be no better opportunity.

The Chief Minister leading an all-party delegation to Delhi against the issue will help the cause and will also pressurize the Central Government. But then, the unity of political parties is too complex a thing in Andhra Pradesh politics. Let us hope for once the politicians will prove all of us wrong.