Will Jagan Heed to Prashant Kishor's Advice?Political Strategist Prashant Kishor has forayed into Politics and is the vice-President of the JD(U) party in Bihar. He is upset with the recent Citizenship (Amendment) Act brought in by the Modi Government as it discriminates Muslims. His own party did not heed to him and voted in favor of the bill in the Parliament.

He is now asking chief ministers from neutral and opposition parties to take a stand against the central government’s controversial policies on citizenship and immigrant naturalization. It is a known fact that YSR Congress Government is also one of the non-NDA Governments in the country.

Prashant Kishor played a crucial role in bringing Jagan to Power in the recent elections. It has to be seen if Jagan will heed to his advice and stop the implementation of the bill in AP. Already the Chief Ministers of West Bengal, Punjab, and Kerala announced that they would not implement it in their states.

The law fast-tracks naturalization for illegal immigrants who faced religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganistan, all Muslim-majority countries; it covers several minority religious groups, but not Islamic ones like Shias and Ahmadis. It has received international attention and has already been challenged in the Supreme Court.