High Court orders to seize LG PolymersThere are several doubts in the people about the State Government helping the LG Polymers company in Vishakapatnam in the Gas Leakage case. The FIR registered on this issue did not even name the company and did not have a mention of the Styrene Gas that is leaked.

There is no single arrest in the issue even though the Police registered cases against the victims who protested before the company. Now, the court had taken cognizance of the issue. The high court ordered the Government to seize the company premises of the LG Polymers.

The court also ordered that none of the assets, movable or immovable, fixture, machinery, and contents shall be allowed to be shifted without the leave of the Court. And the Company Directors are not allowed to go outside India without leave. It is already known to our readers that the company was allowed to transport the Styrene to South Korea immediately after the incident.

This judgment has inforced the faith in the victims that justice will be done. They are demanding that the company should be seized very soon.