secretariat-demolition-telangana-government-reason-high-courtTelangana government has told the Hyderabad High Court that the existing Secretariat Buildings are not complaint with the Fire Safety norms and needs to be demolished before the disaster strikes. But then political experts say this government has not taken a single measure for the safety of these buildings in its regime so far.

Forget about the permanent fire safety measures, the government did not even mind taking temporary measures to combats such disasters if they occurred. While some buildings do not have any firefighting equipment such as sprinkler system except fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, some have fire fighting installations in place but they are not functional.

Experts say that the state government commitment to the Fire Safety Measures may be taken into consideration if they have taken at least the temporary measures to strengthen the safety. They allege that the government brought this Fire idea suddenly out of nowhere as the high court will not buy the Vaastu arguments.