Will give our lives to make CBN CM - Paritala Sunita

Anantapur Politics suddenly heated up with entry of JC Diwakar Reddy in to Telugu Desam Party. Paritala group and JC group are traditionally rivals in the district since Paritala Ravi’s group but the changed equations resulted JC Diwakar Reddy family coming in to Telugu Desam Party. Paritala group and supporters are breathing fire on Chandra Babu on this issue. Paritala Sunita finally responded on this issue

“Our family will not utter few names at all. We believe that if Chandra Babu becomes CM, down trodden sections will be benefited. I and my son Paritala Sriram will give our lives to make Chandra Babu CM”, Sunita said. She also made it clear that Paritala Sriram will not be contesting elections this time but will strive for the victory of Telugu Desam Party in Anantapur district. Paritala family once again proved that they are loyal workers of the party. Rapthadu is a tough seat for Sunita this time. She is expecting Penukonda but equations are not favouring her that seat ticket.