Will Contest In 2024: JD Lakshminarayana Former CBI JD Lakshminarayana has contested for Vishaka parliament in the 2019 election but has quit the party after the elections.

He has not joined any party since then. He could not win in 2019 but divided TDP votes and helped YSR Congress indirectly. He is operating independently since then.

The other day, Lakshminarayana celebrated his Birthday in Vijayawada and announced that he will contest in 2024 elections.

“There are loopholes in the administrative systems. I will play my part in correcting it. I will definitely contest in 2024,” Lakshminarayana announced.

When asked from which party he will contest, he replied “on behalf of people’ party”. It has to be seen if he will be able to influence the electorate in 2024.

He has become politically inactive after 2019. Also people usually tend to ignore leaders who can not win and make their actual choice lose.

For an instance, TDP has won all the four constituencies in Vishakapatnam cities but then, lost the Parliament seat with around 7000 votes. JD split the TDP votes and helped YSR Congress’s candidate win.