Will Chiranjeevi Get Admitted to Pawan Kalyan's Janasena?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has admitted Chiranjeevi Fans Associations into the party the other day. It was not a secret affair as they were admitted into the party at a huge event in Hyderabad and it was live telecast on Youtube.

Pawan Kalyan has heaped praises on his Brother Chiranjeevi and also tried to attribute the failure of Praja Rajya Party to other while maintaining that his brother has noblest of intentions to serve the people. This is giving rise to speculations that it may be a matter of time that Chiranjeevi is also admitted into the party.

If this happens, it has to be seen how the people will receive since the image of Chiranjeevi in politics is at the lowest. Another section in Janasena says that Pawan Kalyan is very much aware of the Bad image Chiranjeevi carries and will not admit him into the party.

Pawan Kalyan is hoping to bring all the sections which have helped Praja Rajyam in 2009 to get significant vote share to rally with him. Even in such scenario, he is expecting that the handful of seats he gets will become crucial and make him CM like Kumaraswamy in Karnataka.