Will Naidu's Experiment with TTD Backfire?TTD Chairman is the coveted Post in the country. Everyone from industrialists to Politicians want to get the chance at least once in their lifetime. The Post usually goes to Politicians and there is intense competition among TDP leaders for that.

On the other side, as it is difficult to satisfy everyone, Naidu is mulling an experiment. He wants to make Retired IAS Officer, Lakshmi Narayana as the Chairman which will also make the shrine devoid of Political Involvement.

Lakshminarayana has been a close associate of Naidu since 1972. They were students at Sri Venkateswara University in Tirupati. He was also appointed to several crucial positions during Naidu’s regime. There were people who appreciate this move.

But then this can also open the Pandora Box among TDP leaders. They feel these posts should go to the leaders who fought and stood by the party through the thick and thin. They say this negligence towards party loyalists will only backfire. However, others say someone should take the first step towards making TTD devoid of politics and there is no one better than Naidu to do that.