Will Central Government Throw its Weight Behind LVS?

Will Central Government Throw its Weight Behind LV Subramanyam?LV Subrahmaniam who is unceremoniously shunted out of the Chief Secretary post handed over the charge to Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, Neerabh Kumar Prasad. LVS did not go to Velagapudi Secretariat to handover the charge and instead asked Neerabh Kumar Prasad to come to his Hyderabad Residence.

LV Subrahmaniam is posted in an insignificant post as the director-general of AP HRD Institute in Bapatla. We are told that LVS is going on a long leave and is unlikely to report in Bapatla. Meanwhile, there are rumors that the Central Government may appoint him in Central services to checkmate Jagan.

It is BJP which gave communal color to LVS ousting after IYR Krishna Rao expressed a doubt of Christian Lobby pressure working on Jagan. BJP wants to portray itself as Hindu Saviour and Brahmin Saviour by taking LVS to central services. LVS, however, has just five months and 25 days service left before his retirement and so it is not easy to post him in Delhi.

Meanwhile, After appointing LVS as the Director-General of AP HRD Institute, the state government issued another order terminating the services of retired and re-employed officers at the Institute with immediate effect. This would practically mean the HRD Institute is a building without staff. We can conclude that the senior IAS officer got the worst-possible treatment by Jagan.

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