Will Center help Naidu's Water Plan?Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is doing all that he can to solve the water problems in the state. While taking up several projects on a war footing, Chandrababu is also coming up interim solutions to solve the crisis.

Recently, Andhra Pradesh government has offered 700 MW of Free Power to Maharashtra if they give 90 TMCs of Water. Maharashtra is leaving 67 TMCs of water to sea from Koyana Power Project and another 23 TMCs from Tata Power Project for Power Generation. AP Government wants to stop the water wastage there and give that to AP in lieu of power.

Chandrababu is planning to meet Maharashtra CM Devender Fadnavis if needed on this issue. But then, the idea does not look as simple as on paper. There is a BJP government in Maharashtra and helping Andhra Pradesh will need Center’s ratification.

Modi and Amit Shah should agree for this decision which will help TDP politically. 90 TMCs of water will irrigate Nine Lakh Acres in Andhra Pradesh. These are the days BJP is not interested in helping TDP or Andhra Pradesh. Let us see what happens!