capital bhoomi pooja area changeThe proposed Capital Bhoomi Puja on 6th June is a doubtful starter now. On Tuesday, the Election Commission had released the schedule for MLC elections in Local Bodies Quota in Krishna and Guntur districts. The model code of conduct came in to force immediately which is hindering the Bhoomi Puja.

Once the model code of conduct is in force, government can not take up any programs here. Along with Capital Bhoomi Pooja, Janmabhoomi, Public meeting for CBN’s one year power will all have to stop. Government is writing to the election commission for permission.

If the Central Election Commission gives a go ahead, the programs will go on otherwise they have to be postponed. Government sources say they can manage to get permission for Bhoomi Puja for sure as the Chief Minister already announced several times that time is running out fast to begin the capital construction.