Amit -Shah - Narendra ModiBJP seems to be working hard to establish its foothold in Andhra Pradesh. It is evident from the fact that Hindu related controversies are erupting in the state all of sudden out of nowhere. The latest is the Tirumala Tirupati issues raised by Ramana Deekshitulu.

This seems to be an intentional ploy by BJP to counter its failure of delivering promises made in AP Reorganization act and will later enter the stage posing as the Warrior of Hinduism. The issue is being spread using its high presence on Social media.

The Propaganda is through supporters from the North India who can not even understand Telugu to know both sides of the story and is using its pet channel like Republic TV for running an indirect battle against AP government to take revenge on Chandrababu Naidu.

Interestingly, Republic TV is the channel owned by a BJP MP. It has the dubious past of stopping an interview of Naidu midway as he made some scathing remarks on the Central Government. The big question is if BJP’s Time-Test Hindu Formula work in AP?