Will Anti-TDP Agenda Help Kishan Reddy in Anyways?Telangana BJP Floor Leader, Kishan Reddy suddenly out of nowhere is trying to derive Political Mileage in Mirchi Farmers issue. Kishan Reddy who was not seen in the scene until today came out of nowhere after Center announced Minimum Support Price of 5000 Per Quintal.

Kishan Reddy was arrested by Police as there is Section 144 in Khammam. On the occasion, Kishan Reddy criticized that both the Telugu Governments have failed to help Mirchi farmers.But then he seemed to have forgotten that BJP is also a partner in government in AP.

Even if it is only TDP government, Kishan Reddy seems to have conveniently forgotten that Andhra Pradesh government announced 1500 Additional Support Price for Mirchi Farmers much before the Central Government. A senior leader of his stature may have to watch his words twice before making political statements. Will anti-TDP agenda help Kishan Reddy in anyways?