Will Andhra Pradesh Result in Hung Mandate in 2019?Neighboring Karnataka has delivered a Hung Result and there is a political turmoil. This drama is not going to end with the Floor Test on Saturday and the new government may not be stable which will impact the governance and the development of the state.

Now, the discussion is on if Andhra Pradesh will deliver a hung Assembly in 2019. TDP and YSR Congress are already formidable forces and Pawan Kalyan has announced that he will be contesting in all the 175 seats. As of now, Pawan Kalyan’s strength is not tested.

It will be interesting to see if he will confine to eating away the Kapu Votes of TDP or Anti-Government Votes of YSR Congress. In case, Janasena will be able to get a handful of seats in the election, we may have a broken mandate in the next election.

In such case, a coalition government may happen for the first time in the history of both the States. Such a scenario is not good for the state which is already tampered by the woes of Bifurcation. Let us see what is in store for Andhra Pradesh. The mood will be revealed in the next few months.