2000 Rupees Note Demonetized Banned DiscontinuedEven the strong advocates of Big Notes Ban like Chandrababu Naidu and Baba Ramdev were shocked when they first heard about this 2000 Rupees Note because when things normalize, 2000 Notes will actually make money hoarding easy and will defeat the actual purpose of Demonetization. But then Financial Experts say Modi has a plan for that.

The Central government foresaw this mad rush for exchange when they mooted the idea of Notes Ban. Exchanging old notes as quickly as possible is the Mantra to avoid chaos. Exchanging old notes for 2000 Notes will actually make the process easier. So, 2000 Notes were brought in to faciliate easy exchange.

In fact, there are no additional security features included in 2000 Notes that gives us a hint that when there are enough lower denomination notes in the market, 2000 Notes may be demonitized as well. But the next time it will not happen like what we are seeing today but RBI will phase it out in many phases with out the people actually knowing about it.