YS Viveka Murder Case YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder investigation has reached a crucial phase. At this stage, the accused are being threatened probably to divert the case or to silence them.

Swati, wife of Gajjala Umashankar Reddy was threatened by two goons at their house in Pulivendula. Umashankar Reddy is one of the prime accused in the case of ex-minister YS Vivekananda Reddy. Swati is now residing in a house near the RTC bus stop in Pulivendula.

The goons barged into the house and threatened Swati saying her husband had killed Vivekananda Reddy. They also tried to assault her physically. However, Swati managed to call the local SP Anburaj and lodged a complaint with him.

Since SP did not take her call, she left a message on his phone following which the local SI rushed to her place with the police force. However, by then, the goons left the place and the police got the details from Swati.

Later, two unidentified men were taken into custody and shifted to Cuddapah. It has to be noted that all details have been kept a secret both by the police and Swati.