Why Would Pawan Kalyan Do That Mistake?JanaSena is more or less a closed chapter in Telangana. Barring an occasional meeting or two with his party troops in Telangana, Pawan has been avoiding Telangana politics.

However, Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Bhakthudu’ Bandla Ganesh seems to be intending to lead JanaSena from the front in Telangana. Out of blue, he tweeted that Janasena will emerge as a formidable force in Telangana.

Now, media speculations are rife that Bandla Ganesh might be appointed as JanaSena Telangana wing chief.

Well, shutting down JanaSena in Telangana is a far better idea than appointing Bandla Ganesh as its chief.

Bandla has a comical image amongst the common public. His 7’O clock blade antics during 2018 Telangana elections are still fresh in the memories of those who follow Telugu states politics. Given the image Bandla has, appointing him as JanaSena Telangana wing president will do more bad than good to the party.

Why would Pawan Kalyan do the mistake of even contemplating the idea of appointing Bandla Ganesh as JanaSena Telangana supremo. Any miscalculation here can also affect the party’s image in other Telugu state, Andhra Pradesh.